Pastoral Team Leader

I have found Mike Coxon to be thoroughly competent in professional supervision. He is a good listener, offers meaningful insights, is down to earth and practical, and also is good at asking empowering questions. In addition to all this,  he is honest and demonstrates integrity.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike’s services for professional supervision or counselling.


High School Teacher

I want to endorse and give my wholehearted support to Living Wisdom Bay of Plenty. There are two very important reasons for this choice. Firstly, Mike Coxon is an exceptionally gifted counsellor in all the best senses of the word. He is my personal counsellor who has helped me to see truth and freedom in ways I did not know were possible. Secondly, the Mini-School has been an extension of the personal counsel I have learnt from Mike and the Living Wisdom principals. The assumptions that have kept me from growing are now being challenged and truth is making a deep mark on my subconscious. I love renewing my mind and seeing the world with clearer awareness. Mike is a man integrity and pure heart. I believe he has the credibility and skills to support individuals and groups to transforming their minds while providing care and empathy. Do not hesitate to join him in the Mini-School or as client.


I came to the course at a very low time emotionally and it was encouraging and motivating and informative


A wide range of topics that were pulled together effectively to provide hope for a much improved future


The course has given me hope! Every aspect of the course has some sort of impact on me


I enjoyed the combination of examples, dialogue and 'chalk and talk' through the slides; and the sense of ease that Mike has with himself and the knowledge area


It helped me understand myself a lot more and the many areas I need to work on. It also gave me insight into understanding other people


I would list this course lead by Mike Coxon as Outstanding, Mike is a great communicator and has a very professional presentation and yet speaks from the heart with wisdom.

There are many things that I will take away with me from this course but in order to help me put these things into practice and understand my feelings at times I will be saying to myself ...

WAIT - What Am I Thinking - and pray for understanding.


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