The Two Week Living Wisdom School Curriculum includes the following topics:

(The one week mini school covers only some of these topics as shown by the *)

Personal and Professional Development:

Introduction to Glossary *

Understanding how memory works *

Surviving the ‘overloaded phenomena’ *

Fundamentals of Emotional/mental health *

Checking Assumptions – the King Lies that pull the strings. *

Introduction to Misbelief/Insight Therapy *

Formative Facts and Life Defining Moments

Introduction to Psycho-therapy – revisit, revise and relinquish the past

Introduction to Pastoral Therapy

Family Mottos *

Unbearable Feelings *

Emotional Echoes *

Welds *

Psychological Survival Kits *

Victim-hood *

Spot the Rescuer *

Understanding the Crazy-maker *

Counselling Topics:

Tools for Counsellors – includes understanding empowering questions, truth coaches.

Traps for Counsellors

Counselling Session Dynamics.


The Counselling Craft

The Mental Loop

Pastoral/People Care:

Forgiveness *

Anger – enemy or friend? *

Unipolar Depression *

Grief – the painful process of letting go. *

Fear – panic, anxiety, phobias.

Escaping Addictions Pit – climbing out of the canyons. *

Goal-setting – turning dreams into reality *


Anatomy of a Relationship Breakdown.

Negotiation Skills *

Marriage, Separation, Divorce *

Soul Ties

Sexual Awakenings *

Training Children *


Recognising Toxic Religion

Advocate Evangelism *

Christ’s Vicarious Performance

Our Vulnerable God

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