Full School (Two weeks)

The traditional Living Wisdom School is a two week course,  which teaches basic competency in pastoral therapy and some advanced psychological skills to anyone with a desire to improve their own life and help heal the lives of their family and friends.

We are looking at the possibility of running the full (50 hour) school on weekends and evenings to suit those who are working. The school would run for 13 weeks for 2.5 hours weekly evening sessions, plus three Saturdays. This will cover the 50 hours of Living Wisdom material required for completion (Equivalent to a two week, 10 day Living Wisdom School).  Please contact us if you are interested in attending a full school.

The full fee for the 50 hour Living Wisdom School is $920 per person (GST inclusive). This covers Tuition, Texts, and one professional counselling session. Tea and coffee will be provided, but you will need to bring your own lunch for Saturday sessions.

To view the Curriculum for the Living Wisdom School click here.

We currently offer the condensed version which is a MINI School. Please click here for more information.